Rock Steady Boxing the Best Therapy to Fight Back against Parkinson’s disease

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Parkinson’s disease is not easy to live with. It is a progressive disease that starts slowly with a minor tremor but over time it affects everything from your speech to your walk to your working abilities. It often goes unnoticed by family, friends, and even the person who has it. More than one million people in America are living with Parkinson’s disease which is more than a combined number of people diagnosed with multiple diseases. However, Parkinson’s disease itself is not fatal but complications from the disease are serious can be deadly.

Rock Steady Boxing the Best and Popular Therapy that Helps Fight Against Parkinson’s

While medical science is becoming advanced, there is still no cure revealed for Parkinson’s disease. However, there are many medications available to treat Parkinson’s but they have various side effects like involuntary movements, nausea, hyper sexuality, depression, sleeping disorder, and compulsive overeating. With medications, it is not possible to eliminate the side effects and treat Parkinson’s disease effectively however it can be managed with Rock Steady Boxing classes without having any side effects. Rock Steady Boxing was designed in 2006 in Indianapolis to empower people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. In rock steady boxing classes, they teach Parkinson’s patients non contact boxing moves to lessen the affects of Parkinson’s which often includes tremors, stiffness and slowed movement. In rock steady boxing classes they provide Parkinson’s patients a fun and friendly environment to fight with depression and stress disorders that comes with Parkinson’s disease. Going to Rock Steady Boxing classes is one of the best ways that helps fighting symptoms of Parkinson’s and helps Parkinson’s patients live long and improve their quality of life.

Why Rock Steady Boxing is the Best Therapy to Treat Parkinson’s Diseases

Rock Steady Boxing has been helping people cope with Parkinson’s from more than 10 years. It’s mission is to empower people with the disease to fight back. Their classes are meant to improve the quality of life for those with Parkinson’s disease. It is now becoming the world’s number one therapy to manage Parkinson’s.  Their non contact based boxing therapy is popular all around the world and proven best to treat Parkinson’s patients. Their unique and powerful exercises help slowly exterminate Parkinson’s symptoms. Their therapy includes non contact boxing, cycling, and treadmill workouts classes.Recent studies show that Parkinson’s symptoms decreases with non contact boxing, cycling and treadmill workouts. Rock Steady Boxing exercises have no side effects and can improve walk, balance tremor, flexibility, grip strength and coordination in Parkinson’s patients. Parkinson’s patients who had joined rock steady boxing classes say they have better balance control over their movements and they have less stress.


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