Rock Steady Boxing: Four different Levels of Classes for Parkinson’s’ Disease

Rock Steady boxing has been proven the best remedy to treat Parkinson’s symptoms. It is one of a kind of nonprofit program to help Parkinson’s patients. They have unique four different levels of classes that positively affect the Parkinson’s symptoms. According to Rock Steady Boxing Participants, they have seen surprisingly positive effects of Rock Steady Boxing training on their symptoms. Let’s stumble on what are these four different levels of Rock Steady Boxing Classes are and how it helps Parkinson’s sufferers to get rid of their most Parkinson’s symptoms.

Rock Steady Boxing Class Level – 1

In level -1 rock steady boxing trainers put participants with mild inconvenience and symptoms. They are not totally disabled. Their symptoms only include tremors or shaking in a limb. Trainers usually detect these level -1 patients by observing poor body posture, loss of balance and abnormal facial expressions. In level – 1 Rock Steady Boxing trainers focus on to improve over all fitness level, posture imbalances and maintain a healthy body. Level -1 class is highly intense. It involves rapid exercises and non contact boxing practices.

Rock Steady Boxing Class Level – 2

In level 2 rock steady boxing, trainers train Parkinson’s sufferers with bilateral symptoms and minimal disabilities. Parkinson’s sufferers with bilateral symptoms are usually affected from limbs and both sides of body. Level-2 class’s Parkinson’s patient usually encounters problems in walking and maintaining balance. Symptoms like inability to complete normal physical and routine tasks are more apparent in level -2 Rock Steady Participants. The focus of trainers of this class is to maintain fitness level, addresses body postural imbalances, encourage deep breathing, improving balance and body movements accuracy. More transition in physical activities is involved in Level 2. Specific exercises are taught along with deep breathing practices to reduce stress. In Level- 2, caregiver assistance also provided to each Rock Steady Participant. Non contact boxing is compulsory.

Rock Steady Boxing Class Level – 3

In Level -3, Rock Steady trainer only puts Parkinson’s sufferers with significant slowing of body movements and inability to walk straight or to stand. Patients with more complex physical symptoms are put into third level classes. In this class, Rock Steady Boxers or trainers provides one-on-one training in a safe environment. Level -3 classes address high balance risks, improving postural imbalances. In this level they encourage deep breathing techniques, voice therapy. In this level the trainer also tries to fight Patient’s cognitive impairment issues. Caregiver assistance is also provided to each Parkinson’s patient.

Rock Steady Boxing Class Level -4

Participants of level – 4 can only walk to a limited extent. Rigidity, bradykinesia and slowing body movements are the major symptoms in level -4 patients. Although, level -4 patient experience tremor or shakiness less than the earlier stages. In level -4, trainers focus on a more narrow selection of Parkinson’s specific issues like flexibility, balance, walking, and stress. They give level – 4 Parkinson’s sufferers a training to walk and move around the room. Non contact boxing is involved. They do exercises in a very limited extent. Caregiver support and attendance is given to all patients at no cost.


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