Is it Important to Join a Formal Rock Steady Boxing Program to Control Parkinson’s?

Rock Steady Boxing Classes

We all are familiar with Parkinson’s disease complexities. The symptoms of this chronic and progressive disease include tremors, slowing body movement, stiffness, rigidity, posture instability, walking difficulties, poor body balance, lack of automatic body movements, poor coordination, constipation, lack of sex drive or arousal, anxiety and depression which makes day to day life difficult for a person who has this disease. Sadly the disease can be deadly if left untreated.

Popularity of Rock Steady Boxing Program

Understanding the complexities of the disease, a great program was started a decade ago in Indianapolis and the program was called “Rock Steady Boxing”. This revolutionary program has become one of the most popular therapies to treat Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Drugs and medications can have side effects but this program only has positive effects on Parkinson’s symptom. This is why today a big population of Parkinson’s patients goes to Rock Steady Boxing Centers. There are some proven facts that show that Rock Steady Boxing is actually a successful program to fight against Parkinson’ symptoms. Up till now, Rock Steady boxing has helped more than 1 million Parkinson’s sufferers from all over the world.

I consider myself lucky being a part of this great cause of empowering people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. I am associated with Rock Steady Boxing for more than 6 years.  I am a boxing coach in one of the Rock Steady Boxing Centers located in Overland Park, Kansas City. I can proudly say that I am part of a big revolutionary non- profit program that has more than 100 affiliated centers all over the world and more are being added to it.

Is it Important to Join Formal Rock Steady Boxing Program for Parkinson’s Patients?

As a boxing coach at one of the Rock Steady Boxing programs, people often ask me, is it important to join formal rock steady program to control Parkinson’s symptoms?  And I just say yes. Here in this post, I will elaborate you, how I came to this conclusion that joining a formal Rock Steady Boxing program is important rather than practicing it at home.

You Cannot Create that Motivational Environment at Home

Rock steady Boxing gyms are totally a different world. You cannot create that environment at home for your loved ones who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. We create an environment in which Parkinson’s patients forget about the outer world and only do efforts to fight Parkinson’s symptoms. They are motivated to fight like fighters wearing boxing gloves who want to beat their Parkinson’s symptoms at any cost. You will see them shouting and doing various types of physical activities. Once you arrive in a Rock Steady class then only you can understand the program is not a joke but actually a revolutionary step to help Parkinson’s patients.

RSBC motivation

Four Different Levels of Classes Depending on Patient’s Parkinson’ Stage

We do care about our Parkinson’s patients. We send them to our four different levels of classes depending on their Parkinson’s symptoms complexities and stages of Parkinson’s.  We don’t take risks by enrolling Parkinson’s patient with more complex symptoms in a class with tough levels of physical activities. We examine the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients first and only then do we enroll the Parkinson’s patients into different levels of classes.

Physical Activities that Rock Steady Boxing Teach

Rock Steady Boxing program involves regular exercise such as stretching, walking, jumping, jump- roping, push-ups, balancing, cycling, treadmill and lots of non-contact boxing. These physical activities are very important for a Parkinson’s patient to improve the complexity with their Parkinson’s symptoms. You cannot create a space in your home where you can do all these activities altogether and even if you are able to create the motivation factor will be lacking. This is why it is very important to join a formal Rock Steady Boxing program. A formal gym set up with gym fellows and a trainer who knows what exactly you need to do motivates Parkinson’s patient to do better. Talking and spending time with gym fellows provides Parkinson’s patients a friendly environment.

We Provide each Parkinson’s Patient a Care Giver and Personal Trainer

We know living with Parkinson’s disease symptoms is not easy. This is why we provide care giver and a personal trainer to each Parkinson’s patient. We make sure they don’t get injured while doing any physical activity in the gym. You cannot care for your loved ones with Parkinson’s disease all the time but we do. We provide them a loving caring and friendly environment so that they can get rid of their stress symptoms.


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