Boxing classes benefits for Neurodegenerative patient


In the modern times neurodegenerative disease affect millions of people around the world. Parkinson’s diseases, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s are the most common types of neurodegenerative disease. It can affect the neurons in human body. Neurodegenerative diseases arise when nerve cells in the brain lose function over time and ultimately die. Neurons are not replaced and cannot reproduce themselves. That is why;when they become damaged or die they cannot be replaced by the body. It is a bad situation for human body because it directly affects many of your body activities like movement, heart function, talking, balance etc.

Neuro-degenerative diseases are of different type.

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Lewy body disease
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy


Neurodegenerative diseases can be very serious because most of them have no permanent cure. However the problems associated with the diseases can be reduced but it fully depends on the type of neurodegenerative diseases that a person is suffering from. The good news for neurodegenerative patient is it that the diseases can be reduced by doing medication, exercise and attending Rock Steady boxing classes.

Boxing classes for neurodegenerative patients

Boxing classes is very helpful for those people who are suffering from neurodegenerative diseases and want to overcome it. It gives a new hope for neurodegenerative disease patients. It will very helpful for people to maintain their quality of life, improve thinking, develop skills have physical independence and restore self-confidence.


Boxing classes benefits for neurodegenerative disease patient

Boxing classed have been the mainstay for care givers when it comes to patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Boxing classes are helpful in improving the gait, balance and coordination between limbs. A person suffering from neurodegenerative diseases looses confidence in the long run and is not even able to perform his daily chores. However boxing classes specially designed for people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases not only improves the physical state of a human being but also helps in improving the confidence level and in turn improves the mental health.

Improve mental health

Those people who are suffering neurodegenerative disease lose their ability to remember things over a period of time.  It’s very hard for them to remember things. Though,the neurodegenerative disease has no permanent cure but the best thing is that it can be reduced via boxing classes. It will help you to improve your self-image and after that you can easily deal with all difficult situations. Change your negative thinking, improve memory, concentration and make your mind peaceful with these power packed boxing classes. Boxing classes increase the power of neurotransmitters in the brain to enhance mood and positive thinking and you can easily deal with your stress situations. However before going to any boxing classes you need to talk about these boxing classes to your doctor.

Helpful to maintain physical conditions

In the case of neurodegenerative diseases especially Parkinson’s disease patients face many problems such as tremors, low voice, troubled moving and walking. However, boxing therapy works like medicine to reduces neurodegenerative disease and improves physical conditions. Boxing training will help to improve on agility, muscle power, balance, speed, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination in order to defeat and fight back against their opponent.

Helpful to builds stamina

According to boxing experts, boxing classes very helpful to builds stamina. It will be helpful to balance and engage the mind. It is more beneficial for Parkinson disease patients, especially those who are suffering from balance and movement. Boxing classes are no cure for neurodegenerative disease but they are very helpful to reduce the symptoms.

Boxing classes is one of the easiest ways to overcome neurodegenerative diseases. It provides the neurodegenerative disease patient a fun and friendly environment to reduce stress and depression. Boxing classes are a popular way all around the world to reduce the symptoms and problems arising out of neurodegenerative diseases.


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