Boxing classes benefits for Neurodegenerative patient


In the modern times neurodegenerative disease affect millions of people around the world. Parkinson’s diseases, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s are the most common types of neurodegenerative disease. It can affect the neurons in human body. Neurodegenerative diseases arise when nerve cells in the brain lose function over time and ultimately die. Neurons are not replaced and cannot reproduce themselves. That is why;when they become damaged or die they cannot be replaced by the body. It is a bad situation for human body because it directly affects many of your body activities like movement, heart function, talking, balance etc.

Neuro-degenerative diseases are of different type.

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Lewy body disease
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy


Neurodegenerative diseases can be very serious because most of them have no permanent cure. However the problems associated with the diseases can be reduced but it fully depends on the type of neurodegenerative diseases that a person is suffering from. The good news for neurodegenerative patient is it that the diseases can be reduced by doing medication, exercise and attending Rock Steady boxing classes.

Boxing classes for neurodegenerative patients

Boxing classes is very helpful for those people who are suffering from neurodegenerative diseases and want to overcome it. It gives a new hope for neurodegenerative disease patients. It will very helpful for people to maintain their quality of life, improve thinking, develop skills have physical independence and restore self-confidence.


Boxing classes benefits for neurodegenerative disease patient

Boxing classed have been the mainstay for care givers when it comes to patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Boxing classes are helpful in improving the gait, balance and coordination between limbs. A person suffering from neurodegenerative diseases looses confidence in the long run and is not even able to perform his daily chores. However boxing classes specially designed for people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases not only improves the physical state of a human being but also helps in improving the confidence level and in turn improves the mental health.

Improve mental health

Those people who are suffering neurodegenerative disease lose their ability to remember things over a period of time.  It’s very hard for them to remember things. Though,the neurodegenerative disease has no permanent cure but the best thing is that it can be reduced via boxing classes. It will help you to improve your self-image and after that you can easily deal with all difficult situations. Change your negative thinking, improve memory, concentration and make your mind peaceful with these power packed boxing classes. Boxing classes increase the power of neurotransmitters in the brain to enhance mood and positive thinking and you can easily deal with your stress situations. However before going to any boxing classes you need to talk about these boxing classes to your doctor.

Helpful to maintain physical conditions

In the case of neurodegenerative diseases especially Parkinson’s disease patients face many problems such as tremors, low voice, troubled moving and walking. However, boxing therapy works like medicine to reduces neurodegenerative disease and improves physical conditions. Boxing training will help to improve on agility, muscle power, balance, speed, rhythm, and hand-eye coordination in order to defeat and fight back against their opponent.

Helpful to builds stamina

According to boxing experts, boxing classes very helpful to builds stamina. It will be helpful to balance and engage the mind. It is more beneficial for Parkinson disease patients, especially those who are suffering from balance and movement. Boxing classes are no cure for neurodegenerative disease but they are very helpful to reduce the symptoms.

Boxing classes is one of the easiest ways to overcome neurodegenerative diseases. It provides the neurodegenerative disease patient a fun and friendly environment to reduce stress and depression. Boxing classes are a popular way all around the world to reduce the symptoms and problems arising out of neurodegenerative diseases.

Role of Dopamine in Parkinson’s disease

Brain is an important part of the human body because it controls our whole body. An unhealthy brain will be unable to control and coordinate your body and the body movements. Dopamine is a brain chemical and is also known as a neurotransmitter. This chemical is responsible for sending messages to brain and other organs of the body via nerve cells.Dopamine directly affects your emotions, and movements that require coordination of the limbs of the body. For example if you are not feeling well it could be because the dopamine levels are low. In other words, it performs an important role in the physical and mental health.

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Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease. People who are suffer from Parkinson’s disease have to take up different methodologies to control and get over it ranging from medication, exercise and Boxing Classes for Parkinson’s disease. All these methods are important to overcome the disease.  In addition it is also important to know the main cause of Parkinson’s disease because when you know the cause of Parkinson’s disease you can easily understand what things are helpful to overcome Parkinson disease.

As mentioned above Parkinson’sis a neurodegenerative disease.It develops in the substantianigra part of the brain where the cells begin to die.  These cells produce dopamine which is really important to help the brain in its working. Parkinson’s disease increases over time.The symptoms of the Parkinson’s disease become more visible and the patient develops tremors, slowness of movement, limb rigidity, gait and balance problems and other health issues. The main cause of Parkinson’s disease is the death of dopamine producing cells so it is pertinent to understand the role of dopamine in Parkinson’s diseases.

Role of Dopamine and movement

Dopamine plays an important role in human movement. The main cause of Parkinson’s diseases is the death of dopamine-producing neurons in the substantia nigra. Thus the first victim of Parkinson’s disease is your movement. Slow movement and impaired balance are common in Parkinson’s disease. The basal ganglia have an important role in your brain because it controls all sorts of body movements. The basal ganglia is involved with coordinating the movement of the human body. Basal ganglia needs a specific amount of dopamine to work properly. When a specific amount of dopamine does not reach the ganglia then voluntary motions may become delayed or uncoordinated. Boxing training for patients with Parkinson disease is very useful because it improves gait, balance, tremor, flexibility, grip strength and motor coordination.


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Role of Dopamine and memory

Dopamine plays a significant role in your brain because it will be helpful to improve your working memory and it is directly connected with your whole day activities such as eating, drinking and relaxed movements. If dopamine level is lower in your brain then it directly affects your memory and learning skills. For you it becomes difficult to learn things in the absence of dopamine. In others words the paucity of dopamine reduces memory. This triggers the onset of depression and anxiety. The reduction of dopamine level can cause your memory to suffer. In addition, prefrontal cortex is an important part of the brain and is involved in a wide variety of functions such as adjusting complex behavior, planning, focusing, and emotions. Thus, if you are not interested in some very specific activities and learning then the supply of dopamine to the prefrontal cortex will be reduced and your brain will not be able to remember the facts about the activities that seem to be uninteresting to you.

 Role of Dopamine and mood

Dopamine plays an important role in promoting the feelings of motivation and pleasure. It has some key functions in the brain.Recognizing pleasure, enjoying rewards, regulating memory, learning and others body movements are a result of the communication done via dopamine.A person who feel depressed, anxiety, chronic fatigue and hopelessness in their brain will have less amount of dopamine. And it can be very challenging to increase the dopamine level in the brain.

Dopamine plays an important role in emotions, movement, memory, mood, and learning. The main cause of Parkinson disease is the death of dopamine producing cells. We know that Parkinson’s disease has no permanent cure but doing exercises and boxing therapy can overcome the hurdles faced by Parkinson’s patients since physical activities are really helpful to increase dopamine. When you are exercising at that time your brain releases fun chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine. Increase in dopamine means you feel more relax, happy, motivated, and productive and can avoid Parkinson diseases.

New Study: Parkinson’s diseases may start in the stomach

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder and the symptoms of the Parkinson’s disease are weakness, stiffness, difficulty in walking, poor balance and falls as well as impaired cognitive processing. According to a new research, Parkinson’s diseases may start in the stomach and then it spreads to the brain via the vagus nerve. Vagus nerve extends from the brain-stem to the stomach and controls unconscious body processes such as heart rate and food digestion.

Past big theory about the cause of Parkinson’s disease

A past study on Parkinson’s disease suggested that it was caused by a loss of nerve cells in one of the parts of the brain.  That part of the brain is known as the substantia nigra. Neurons produce a chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine acts as messenger between the brain and the nervous system and helps control and co-ordinate body movements. When these nerve cells are damaged or die then the quantity of dopamine in the brain reduces.  It means the control your brain exerted on the movement of body parts does not work properly.

In addition a few environmental factors are also known to cause Parkinson’s disease. However, researchers have also noted many changes that take place within the brain of Parkinson’s disease patients although it not clear why these changes occur. Some changes such as the presence of Lewy bodies have not been explained so far. Researchers believe these Lewy bodies hold an important clue to the cause of Parkinson’s disease. Lewy bodies cause the disease via the abnormal deposit of a protein called alpha-synuclein in the brain. It affects chemicals within the brain and changes the brain pattern which in turn can lead to problems with thinking, movement, and behavior.

Latest research indicates Parkinson’s diseases starts from the gut

In a recent study it was found that people who underwent resection surgery are less susceptible to Parkinson diseases. Resection surgery means removing a part or all of the tissue or structure or even the whole organ from the stomach. A resection may be performed for a wide variety of reasons such as remove a tissue that is known to be cancerous or diseased. Via this surgery one may get treatment and cure for a stomach disease or disorder. Resection surgery is also knows vagotomy.

Researchers found after adjusting for factors such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, arthritis and other conditions, people who had undergone truncal vagotomy within the past five years were found to be less prone to contract Parkinson’s diseases as compared to people who did not undergo any truncal vagotomy. These results provide strong evidence that Parkinson’s disease may start in the stomach.

Whatever theories proposed rock steady boxing is the only respite

Rock steady boxing involves quite a few exercises such as stretching, running, jump roping, push-ups, and balancing led by experienced coaches.  Boxing therapy provides a full body workout and it is very useful for Parkinson’s diseases patient because of the rapid combinations of hand-eye coordination with footwork. It will help the re-development and strengthening of brain and body function. Rock Steady Boxing is the first gym in USA dedicated to the fight against Parkinson’s.  It is has an important role to increases self-esteem and confidence for Parkinson’s patient.

Is it Important to Join a Formal Rock Steady Boxing Program to Control Parkinson’s?

Rock Steady Boxing Classes

We all are familiar with Parkinson’s disease complexities. The symptoms of this chronic and progressive disease include tremors, slowing body movement, stiffness, rigidity, posture instability, walking difficulties, poor body balance, lack of automatic body movements, poor coordination, constipation, lack of sex drive or arousal, anxiety and depression which makes day to day life difficult for a person who has this disease. Sadly the disease can be deadly if left untreated.

Popularity of Rock Steady Boxing Program

Understanding the complexities of the disease, a great program was started a decade ago in Indianapolis and the program was called “Rock Steady Boxing”. This revolutionary program has become one of the most popular therapies to treat Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Drugs and medications can have side effects but this program only has positive effects on Parkinson’s symptom. This is why today a big population of Parkinson’s patients goes to Rock Steady Boxing Centers. There are some proven facts that show that Rock Steady Boxing is actually a successful program to fight against Parkinson’ symptoms. Up till now, Rock Steady boxing has helped more than 1 million Parkinson’s sufferers from all over the world.

I consider myself lucky being a part of this great cause of empowering people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. I am associated with Rock Steady Boxing for more than 6 years.  I am a boxing coach in one of the Rock Steady Boxing Centers located in Overland Park, Kansas City. I can proudly say that I am part of a big revolutionary non- profit program that has more than 100 affiliated centers all over the world and more are being added to it.

Is it Important to Join Formal Rock Steady Boxing Program for Parkinson’s Patients?

As a boxing coach at one of the Rock Steady Boxing programs, people often ask me, is it important to join formal rock steady program to control Parkinson’s symptoms?  And I just say yes. Here in this post, I will elaborate you, how I came to this conclusion that joining a formal Rock Steady Boxing program is important rather than practicing it at home.

You Cannot Create that Motivational Environment at Home

Rock steady Boxing gyms are totally a different world. You cannot create that environment at home for your loved ones who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. We create an environment in which Parkinson’s patients forget about the outer world and only do efforts to fight Parkinson’s symptoms. They are motivated to fight like fighters wearing boxing gloves who want to beat their Parkinson’s symptoms at any cost. You will see them shouting and doing various types of physical activities. Once you arrive in a Rock Steady class then only you can understand the program is not a joke but actually a revolutionary step to help Parkinson’s patients.

RSBC motivation

Four Different Levels of Classes Depending on Patient’s Parkinson’ Stage

We do care about our Parkinson’s patients. We send them to our four different levels of classes depending on their Parkinson’s symptoms complexities and stages of Parkinson’s.  We don’t take risks by enrolling Parkinson’s patient with more complex symptoms in a class with tough levels of physical activities. We examine the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients first and only then do we enroll the Parkinson’s patients into different levels of classes.

Physical Activities that Rock Steady Boxing Teach

Rock Steady Boxing program involves regular exercise such as stretching, walking, jumping, jump- roping, push-ups, balancing, cycling, treadmill and lots of non-contact boxing. These physical activities are very important for a Parkinson’s patient to improve the complexity with their Parkinson’s symptoms. You cannot create a space in your home where you can do all these activities altogether and even if you are able to create the motivation factor will be lacking. This is why it is very important to join a formal Rock Steady Boxing program. A formal gym set up with gym fellows and a trainer who knows what exactly you need to do motivates Parkinson’s patient to do better. Talking and spending time with gym fellows provides Parkinson’s patients a friendly environment.

We Provide each Parkinson’s Patient a Care Giver and Personal Trainer

We know living with Parkinson’s disease symptoms is not easy. This is why we provide care giver and a personal trainer to each Parkinson’s patient. We make sure they don’t get injured while doing any physical activity in the gym. You cannot care for your loved ones with Parkinson’s disease all the time but we do. We provide them a loving caring and friendly environment so that they can get rid of their stress symptoms.

Rock Steady Boxing: Four different Levels of Classes for Parkinson’s’ Disease

Rock Steady boxing has been proven the best remedy to treat Parkinson’s symptoms. It is one of a kind of nonprofit program to help Parkinson’s patients. They have unique four different levels of classes that positively affect the Parkinson’s symptoms. According to Rock Steady Boxing Participants, they have seen surprisingly positive effects of Rock Steady Boxing training on their symptoms. Let’s stumble on what are these four different levels of Rock Steady Boxing Classes are and how it helps Parkinson’s sufferers to get rid of their most Parkinson’s symptoms.

Rock Steady Boxing Class Level – 1

In level -1 rock steady boxing trainers put participants with mild inconvenience and symptoms. They are not totally disabled. Their symptoms only include tremors or shaking in a limb. Trainers usually detect these level -1 patients by observing poor body posture, loss of balance and abnormal facial expressions. In level – 1 Rock Steady Boxing trainers focus on to improve over all fitness level, posture imbalances and maintain a healthy body. Level -1 class is highly intense. It involves rapid exercises and non contact boxing practices.

Rock Steady Boxing Class Level – 2

In level 2 rock steady boxing, trainers train Parkinson’s sufferers with bilateral symptoms and minimal disabilities. Parkinson’s sufferers with bilateral symptoms are usually affected from limbs and both sides of body. Level-2 class’s Parkinson’s patient usually encounters problems in walking and maintaining balance. Symptoms like inability to complete normal physical and routine tasks are more apparent in level -2 Rock Steady Participants. The focus of trainers of this class is to maintain fitness level, addresses body postural imbalances, encourage deep breathing, improving balance and body movements accuracy. More transition in physical activities is involved in Level 2. Specific exercises are taught along with deep breathing practices to reduce stress. In Level- 2, caregiver assistance also provided to each Rock Steady Participant. Non contact boxing is compulsory.

Rock Steady Boxing Class Level – 3

In Level -3, Rock Steady trainer only puts Parkinson’s sufferers with significant slowing of body movements and inability to walk straight or to stand. Patients with more complex physical symptoms are put into third level classes. In this class, Rock Steady Boxers or trainers provides one-on-one training in a safe environment. Level -3 classes address high balance risks, improving postural imbalances. In this level they encourage deep breathing techniques, voice therapy. In this level the trainer also tries to fight Patient’s cognitive impairment issues. Caregiver assistance is also provided to each Parkinson’s patient.

Rock Steady Boxing Class Level -4

Participants of level – 4 can only walk to a limited extent. Rigidity, bradykinesia and slowing body movements are the major symptoms in level -4 patients. Although, level -4 patient experience tremor or shakiness less than the earlier stages. In level -4, trainers focus on a more narrow selection of Parkinson’s specific issues like flexibility, balance, walking, and stress. They give level – 4 Parkinson’s sufferers a training to walk and move around the room. Non contact boxing is involved. They do exercises in a very limited extent. Caregiver support and attendance is given to all patients at no cost.

How Rock Steady Boxing is Allows Parkinson’s Patients to Improve Their Condition

Medical science has not yet found any cure for managing Parkinson’s disease but few medications and vaccines have been discovered by scientists that can control Parkinson’s symptoms like tremors, poor body coordination, rigidness, loss of automatic movements, walking difficulties, stress and depression. These medicines are good for managing Parkinson’s symptoms for some time but they have many side effects on an individual’s health in the long run. Rather than relying on medications, we have seen a huge population of Parkinson’s sufferers relying on Rock Steady Boxing therapy for managing Parkinson’s symptoms. Rock Steady boxing is a revolutionary program that was invented ten years ago in Indianapolis, Indiana to empower people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. This program has gained much popularity within few years. It has helped over 1 million people with Parkinson’s living in USA. Up till now more than 100 Rock Steady Boxing affiliated schools have opened in 32 states of USA and more are being added to it.

We wanted to find out the reason why Rock Steady Boxing has gained so much popularity within a few years. Why a big population of people is ready to give up on medications and relying on Rock Steady boxing therapy for treating their Parkinson’s? To find out the answers we visited one of the Rock Steady Boxing centers located at Overland Park, Kansas City. We went there and observed the kind of therapy they give to their patients and how their therapy works in improving the condition of the patients. We also talked to Parkinson’s sufferers who go to Rock Steady Boxing Classes regularly to fight against Parkinson’s disease.


What they teach to Parkinson’s sufferers

While talking to Mr. Rocky Helton who is the boxing coach over there for more than five years we found that to start with Parkinson’s sufferers are taught the fundamentals of boxing: one-two punches and two-three-four punches to improve their memorization and physical activities. It helps them to get rid of tremors, poor hand coordination and stiffness.  After that the Parkinson’s sufferers learn how to stand correctly, move, walk and shuffle around the room. Many patients reported that their movements become more fluid with time and ongoing therapy. They are doing away with rigid, jerky movements. They literally have experienced a bounce to their step. Rocky stated that they not only try to improve their condition but also train them to as fighters. They shout, they run, they fight and do exercises. Along with this, they provide them a friendly and motivational environment which helps them to get rid of stress and depression drastically.


Parkinson’s sufferers in the gym – Our Observations

It was 6:00 AM and we witnessed crowd entering into the boxing gym. The crowd included men and women in the age group of 40 to 90. After entering into the gym they started warming up, some started stretching and few walking for almost 30 minutes. After 30 minutes they wore their boxing gloves walked to their punching bags. Sufferers with older age were sitting and practicing non-contact boxing in front of their punching bags while counting numbers. Suffers who were able to stand were doing the same by standing in front of their punching bags. Each sufferer had a personal boxing trainer who was counting the boxing punches and helping them to do better. Some trainers were teaching their patients how to fight. They were doing practice along with their patients. Trainers were polite, motivating and curing. They were talking to their patients in a very friendly manner. In one part of the gym, a group of Parkinson’s patients was walking on treadmills and doing exercise with their trainers.  Some were running and some were doing easy to do exercises. We have seen an amazing motivation in Parkinson’s patients to fight back against Parkinson’s symptoms. All we could hear at that time was the shouting of Parkinson’s sufferers.  Patients were looking like real fighters. After seeing the environment in the gym it is difficult to state that they all are sufferers, It seems that they are the real fighters who are motivated and doing so much to live better with Parkinson’s disease.

What Parkinson’s sufferers says about Rock Steady Boxing Therapy

We personally had a word with a few Parkinson’s sufferers who were going to Rock Steady boxing for more than one year. Mike Gibson who is 53 said: he was 45 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He had been on medications for more than 3 years but medications deteriorated his Parkinson’s symptoms. Medications did not help him to do away with Parkinson’s symptoms. It has been six years joining Rock Steady Boxing gym, he has seen a great enhancement in his ability to move and walk.

Maria Hedson is a 65 years old Parkinson’s sufferer, she said, she was at a stage where she had two choices either give up and let the Parkinson’s take over, or decide to fight back. She chose the latter option. Last year she stumbled on Rock Steady Boxing. Now you can find a new Maria Hedson with an improvement in her condition. She is no more depressed, and she has more self-confidence.

Chris Howard, 79, says is a patient with advanced Parkinson’s disease. He said he could barely move when he got up on the day of a recent boxing class for Kansas Parkinson’s patients. But when the therapy started, he was one of the most energetic participants over there considering his age.

Rock Steady Boxing the Best Therapy to Fight Back against Parkinson’s disease

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Parkinson’s disease is not easy to live with. It is a progressive disease that starts slowly with a minor tremor but over time it affects everything from your speech to your walk to your working abilities. It often goes unnoticed by family, friends, and even the person who has it. More than one million people in America are living with Parkinson’s disease which is more than a combined number of people diagnosed with multiple diseases. However, Parkinson’s disease itself is not fatal but complications from the disease are serious can be deadly.

Rock Steady Boxing the Best and Popular Therapy that Helps Fight Against Parkinson’s

While medical science is becoming advanced, there is still no cure revealed for Parkinson’s disease. However, there are many medications available to treat Parkinson’s but they have various side effects like involuntary movements, nausea, hyper sexuality, depression, sleeping disorder, and compulsive overeating. With medications, it is not possible to eliminate the side effects and treat Parkinson’s disease effectively however it can be managed with Rock Steady Boxing classes without having any side effects. Rock Steady Boxing was designed in 2006 in Indianapolis to empower people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. In rock steady boxing classes, they teach Parkinson’s patients non contact boxing moves to lessen the affects of Parkinson’s which often includes tremors, stiffness and slowed movement. In rock steady boxing classes they provide Parkinson’s patients a fun and friendly environment to fight with depression and stress disorders that comes with Parkinson’s disease. Going to Rock Steady Boxing classes is one of the best ways that helps fighting symptoms of Parkinson’s and helps Parkinson’s patients live long and improve their quality of life.

Why Rock Steady Boxing is the Best Therapy to Treat Parkinson’s Diseases

Rock Steady Boxing has been helping people cope with Parkinson’s from more than 10 years. It’s mission is to empower people with the disease to fight back. Their classes are meant to improve the quality of life for those with Parkinson’s disease. It is now becoming the world’s number one therapy to manage Parkinson’s.  Their non contact based boxing therapy is popular all around the world and proven best to treat Parkinson’s patients. Their unique and powerful exercises help slowly exterminate Parkinson’s symptoms. Their therapy includes non contact boxing, cycling, and treadmill workouts classes.Recent studies show that Parkinson’s symptoms decreases with non contact boxing, cycling and treadmill workouts. Rock Steady Boxing exercises have no side effects and can improve walk, balance tremor, flexibility, grip strength and coordination in Parkinson’s patients. Parkinson’s patients who had joined rock steady boxing classes say they have better balance control over their movements and they have less stress.